CB Scheme Information

CB Scheme Information

Depending upon which and the number of markets you are wanting to supply your product/device into, the CB Scheme may be an option you may want to consider.

Comtest Laboratories though our extensive network of laboratories can assist you with obtaining a CB certificate and test reports for your product/device. Comtest can also assist customers in obtaining national certification for their proposed export market by completing the application and submitting the relevant documentation as a means of speeding up the process.

CB Scheme

The IECEE CB Scheme is the world's first truly international system for mutual acceptance of test reports and certificates dealing with the safety of electrical and electronic components, equipment and products. The Scheme is essentially based on the use of international (IEC) Standards. The CB Scheme utilizes CB Test Reports and Certificates to attest that product samples have successfully passed the test conditions and are in compliance with the requirements of the relevant IEC Standard(s). When applicable, the CB Test Certificate and its associated CB Test Report can also include declared national differences, Special National Conditions (SNC) and Regulatory Requirements of various member countries. The main objective of the Scheme is to facilitate trade by promoting harmonization of the national standards with international standards.

CB Testing Laboratory (CBTL)

Comtest is affiliated with a number CB Testing Laboratories (CBTL) that are recognized in the CB Scheme to conduct testing and issue CB Test Reports in one or more product categories under the responsibility of its associated National Certification Body (NCB).

CB Test Reports and Test Certificates

A CB Test Report is a standardized report in a clause-by-clause checklist format, referencing the requirements of the relevant IEC Standard. The Test Report provides clear and unambiguous results of all the required tests, measurements, verifications, inspections and evaluations. It also contains photographs, electrical diagrams, artwork drawings as well as a description of the product. Under the rules of the CB Scheme, a CB Test Report is considered valid only if accompanied by its CB Test Certificate. A CB Test Certificate is a formal CB Scheme document issued by an authorized NCB to inform other NCBs that a sample of the product tested was found to be in compliance with the applicable requirements. CB Test Certificates should not be used for advertising purposes; however reference to the existence of a CB Test Certificate is permitted. CB, UL & CSA certification is available.

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  • Select and deal with the CB Testing Laboratory (CBTL) or National Certification Body (NCB) of their choice
  • Have their products tested, including testing to the national differences, special national conditions and regulatory requirements of the product's destination countries
  • Use the CB Test Report from the CBTL and Certificate obtained from the NCB to obtain national approvals in many other member countries through their participating NCBs

Although the manufacturer is required to submit an application (and may also be required to submit a product sample in the country of destination), no additional testing is needed, and only administrative work should be involved in processing such applications. Applications for obtaining certifications based on CB Test Certificates and CB Test Reports are given priority over other applications as no additional testing is involved.